Room Parent Information

Thank You For Volunteering

On behalf of all the teachers, thank you for volunteering for this important job!


Room parents play an integral part in helping communicate with teachers and parents during the school year. This page has information and documents you can use throughout the year for specific activities.


Claudia Kennison is the primary contact with the teachers and to help answer any questions you may have. They are available to assist you in becoming involved in your child’s classroom and making each event special and memorable for our children.

Thanks again for volunteering your time and energy! We look forward to a great year!

Your role as a room parent

  • Liaison with your classroom teacher and PTA.
  • Plan classroom parties and activities.
  • Coordinate special classroom projects as needed by the teacher.
  • Attend PTA general meetings whenever possible.
  • Collect and manage funds to be used for parties/events.
  • Delegate as much as you can, and HAVE FUN!!!

Key points

A room parent is someone who volunteers to assist the teacher. The extent of parental involvement varies from teacher to teacher. One year you may be very involved, and the next you may have very few tasks.  The primary purpose of a room parent is to assist the teacher by forwarding PTA and school communications to parents in the class and hosting any classroom parties.

  • Meet with your teacher as soon as possible to outline what your teacher would like you to do throughout the year. Not all teachers have the same activities, so this will be your first stop in making sure you are serving your teacher’s and the children’s needs this year.
  • Most teachers would like you to keep parties simple, which is most fun for the kids. Find out what your teacher thinks would be an appropriate level of celebration and stick to it. Less is more!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW)/teacher gifts. Typically, teachers receive gifts at holiday time, birthday gifts, gifts each day during TAW, and gifts shortly after TAW at the end of the year. For TAW in the last few years, various room parents have done some of the following: each student brought in a flower to make a bouquet; each student brought in a fruit to make a fruit basket; coffee was brought in every day to the teacher; movie pack; handmade cards; and a very lucky teacher had dinner made and dropped off at her house every night that week! What a treat! Last year a class sang a song to the teacher on the last day of TAW. For a gift during the holidays, your class might want to give a gift card to your teacher’s favorite store. At the end of the year, you might give another gift card and a nice card. Please involve the students as much as possible.
  • If you have not done so, turn in your volunteer clearance form. You must be cleared to be in the classroom, so this is really important for you and any other person wishing to help out. Also, when on school grounds, you must sign in at the office and wear a volunteer sticker at all times.
  • Ask your teacher for a class contact list, and keep the parents in your class informed via email about what you are doing in regards to collecting money, parties, signups, etc.
  • Before you distribute letters not pertaining to room parent info, they must be forwarded to the Room Parent Coordinator for approval. Please wait for their “okay” before distributing.
  • Check with parents in your class to see if anyone objects to having a classroom roster. Someone might not want to share this type of information, so please double-check.

REMEMBER: The teacher lays the ground rules!!


Maintain an open line and consistent communication with your teacher throughout the year. All teacher have their own preferences for organizing their classrooms. Above all else as a room parent, work with the teacher, and have FUN!


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